WordPress.com Gets a Perfect Score from the EFF for Digital Privacy Rights

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At Automattic, we’re proud of our commitment to fighting for the digital rights of our users and of our work to keep the internet free and open. Today we’re honored to receive another perfect score from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in its annual Who Has Your Back? report.

The EFF is a well-known nonprofit organization committed to defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation, and their report evaluates internet companies on how well they safeguard user information when governments come knocking.

This continues our streak of perfect scores. We received 5/5 stars in the last Who Has Your Back? report that we were included in (2015), and 5/5 stars in the EFF’s most recent Who Has Your Back?: When Copyright and Trademark Bullies Threaten Free Speech report (2014).

In this year’s report, the EFF awarded stars to WordPress.com for:

  • Following industry-wide best practices.
  • Promising…

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I Think I Love You

I love this short film by Xiya Lan. In her words:

It’s about different ways of love. We all love people and are loved by others in various personal ways. Maybe we like it or maybe we don’t like it. But love is a whole thing, we are only pieces. It’s about suffering, growth and change. After embracing all, you’ll find it a beautiful peaceful thing.


Much to my embarrassment, I’m very active in my sleep. I move around, I talk…I might actually sit up and talk to you. Apparently last night I was really pumped for some kayaking adventures because as soon as I fell asleep (obscenely early, mind you), I said:

Worst. Ever.

In the Monday-morning-laughs category: An ex-client posts a negative Yelp review of a lawyer, calling him the “worst ever.” The lawyer sues the ex-client for defamation, arguing that there are, in fact, other lawyers that are worse. I loved the court’s response to his argument:

This argument makes sense if a reader would likely understand the phrase “worst ever” in a strictly literal sense. But no reader would. “Worst ever” is a common colloquial phrase used to express a strong negative opinion. When a person declares that he or she just went on the worst date ever, no reasonable listener would understand that statement as a claim that the speaker exhaustively researched all the dates in the history of dating, developed objective scoring criteria, and determined as a matter of fact that last night’s date was worse than dates that ended in death, violence, or vomiting in a restaurant.

More details on Eric Goldman’s blog.

Dad’s First Comment

While working in Thailand, I received the following message from my brother:

I checked our shared iCloud photo album (primarily used to share photos and videos of my niece, but lately I’ve been sharing photos of my travels so that my family knows that I’m alive and well) and saw several likes and comments from a Jenny Zhu.


I got my parents iPads a couple of years ago — they’re registered in my name, which is why the comments appear from “Jenny Zhu.” But this is the first time they’ve posted anything, anywhere. I’m overcome with glee because, well, how cute is this?! They’re learning! Can’t wait to continue to help them (slowly) discover the wonders and conveniences of technology.