My body is pretty sensitive in that I react quickly and noticeably to many external agents/incidents. Examples:

  • I’m allergic to most everything under the sun, confirmed via prick test with an allergist. Doesn’t slow me down, but everyone around me has to put up with a bit of sneezing…
  • I bruise like a peach.
  • I get car sick pretty easily. Yes, much like a child.
  • Meds works great — I never need a higher dose of anything.

But because I’ve been living this way for nearly 30 years, I’ve become… desensitized to the sensitivity. This is my reality. I’m used to it!

Nevertheless, caffeine remains a tricky one for me to manage. I generally avoid it because I (think I) have an addictive personality (this is my MO not only out of practicality, but also necessity) — I don’t want to develop a dependence on caffeine. But man, I love the taste and ritual of coffee.

So, I have coffee when…

(1) I crave the flavor, as a treat. This is dangerous because it makes me feel fantastic, and makes me want to feel that way all. the. time. But unfortunately, one sip too many leaves me shaking and feeling like my heart is going to explode out of my chest.
(2) I’m tired, but need to be on my A game. However, more often than not, it doesn’t do anything for me at this point, when I actually need the boost.

Where does that leave me? It’s either too effective or completely ineffective. Am I doing it wrong?

Give Me Your Money!

I’m in charge of a Groupon Grassroots campaign for K to College, an organization for which I’m on the board. I’m pretty stoked about this opportunity for the org! The downside: this was handed to me less than 8 hours before the campaign kicked off. I didn’t even know that this opportunity was in the works!

Anyways, I’m giving it my best shot with what I’ve got, which right now is an extremely packed schedule between work deadlines, personal commitments (like the biggest chinese holiday this weekend, friends in town and heading out of town tomorrow) and miscellaneous life responsibilities. Whew.

If you’ve got a heart and $11 to spare, please consider making a donation to get school and dental supplies to children in need. Hell, they’ll accept a donation even if you don’t have a heart. Did I mention that these kids are adorable?

welcome K to College!

Onions. Onions All The Time.

I am extremely sentimental. Let me be clear: sentimental, not uncontrollably, outrageously emotional. I pride myself on being more objective than your average person and being able to look at a situation from all sides. Just ask my brother — I’m certain he thinks I annoyingly play devil’s advocate way too often. But overall, I am a sap. Case in point:

– Weddings = waterworks
– I wept when my work-husband was laid off, despite knowing that he would move on to bigger and better things
– Thinking of a dog I’ve lost (nearly decade ago) can still bring me to tears
– I nearly cried during this super bowl commercial. Clydesdales? More like crydesdales, amirite?!

All of my friends know this about me. And although I wish I was less tearful at times (how embarrassing would it have been to cry in response to a super bowl commercial?!), I embrace it. I like that I feel so deeply. However, I do my best to hide this side of myself from my family because… I don’t know why. The Zhus have never really been emotive around one another. Whatever the reason, I’m working on it, which makes for a lot of discomfort. One little treasure has made this monumental undertaking a bit less daunting: Lily Zhu.

coyall smiles

I love my niece an incomprehensible amount. Born just 4 months ago, she doesn’t do much, but… WOW. You don’t know how much you can truly care about someone until a little bundle of joy like Lily enters your life. I spend time each and every day looking at photos of her (only because I’m too far away to snuggle her in person).

Lily’s arrival and the frightening, but obvious aging of my parents, along with the scary health complications of some of my fit, young friends (maybe more on that later) makes me all the more grateful for our time here.

So let’s get cheesy, shall we? Remember to love deeply and don’t take anyone or anything for granted!

photo (1)

P.S. Thanks reddit, for surfacing this devastatingly sad and heartwarming tale years later. WHO IS CUTTING ONIONS IN HERE?!


I’ve never been much of a public performer. I’ve of course done it through the years – most times voluntarily – but it often terrifies me to my core. I consider blogging a performance of sorts.

So, hello world! I’m looking forward to what I believe will be both a masochistic and therapeutic experience. Here’s to a wonderfully exciting 2013.