Give Me Your Money!

I’m in charge of a Groupon Grassroots campaign for K to College, an organization for which I’m on the board. I’m pretty stoked about this opportunity for the org! The downside: this was handed to me less than 8 hours before the campaign kicked off. I didn’t even know that this opportunity was in the works!

Anyways, I’m giving it my best shot with what I’ve got, which right now is an extremely packed schedule between work deadlines, personal commitments (like the biggest chinese holiday this weekend, friends in town and heading out of town tomorrow) and miscellaneous life responsibilities. Whew.

If you’ve got a heart and $11 to spare, please consider making a donation to get school and dental supplies to children in need. Hell, they’ll accept a donation even if you don’t have a heart. Did I mention that these kids are adorable?

welcome K to College!

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