Worst. Ever.

In the Monday-morning-laughs category: An ex-client posts a negative Yelp review of a lawyer, calling him the “worst ever.” The lawyer sues the ex-client for defamation, arguing that there are, in fact, other lawyers that are worse. I loved the court’s response to his argument:

This argument makes sense if a reader would likely understand the phrase “worst ever” in a strictly literal sense. But no reader would. “Worst ever” is a common colloquial phrase used to express a strong negative opinion. When a person declares that he or she just went on the worst date ever, no reasonable listener would understand that statement as a claim that the speaker exhaustively researched all the dates in the history of dating, developed objective scoring criteria, and determined as a matter of fact that last night’s date was worse than dates that ended in death, violence, or vomiting in a restaurant.

More details on Eric Goldman’s blog.

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